Instructions for sending files to us

Our preferred method of receiving files is using File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Please follow the steps below to send us your MYOB files.
Uploading MYOB Files
  1. From the start menu open My Computer
  2. In the address bar type
  3. Press Enter or click on “Go”
  4. Enter your secure username and password provided by your accountant at PVA
  5. Click on “Log On”
  6. Copy the file from your local pc and paste into this ftp site.
  7. When the file is completely uploaded, close the ftp window.
  8. Send email to your accountant at Peter Vickers & Associates to advise that your file has been successfully uploaded.
Time taken to upload a file is affected by file size and your internet speed. If you experience any difficulties, please contact our IT Department on 02 9496 2300.
Zipping MYOB Files
  1. Go to and download the top option i.e. “.exe”
  2. Go to the file in your database that you want to zip and then right click
  3. Choose the “7-zip” option and then choose “Archive”
  4. Change the Archive Format (at the top left) to “Zip”
  5. Enter your password in the encryption section and click “OK”
  6. Then attach the file to an email to PVA and make sure you advise the reciprocant of the password to unlock the file.

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