Do You Know Your Tax Return Deadlines?

Posted On: Tuesday, December 12th, 2017  In: Blog

Lodgement Dates

We generally prepare accounts and tax returns in the order that we receive the work from clients. Some clients have specific deadlines like travel agents, holders of an AFSL and large proprietary companies.

Most individuals, small companies and super funds have a due date of 15 May for lodgement of tax returns for the previous 30 June.

This gives us plenty of time to do a year’s work. However it is not possible to have work that is brought in to us on the 14th, ready on the 15th for lodgement.

We give ourselves two months for most company and super fund accounts. Thus we need your work in by the 15 March to meet this deadline.

We do not mind if you bring it to us slightly later but as long as you will pay the fine with a smile. New super funds have to be in by 28 February.



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