Our old friend Excel

Posted On: Wednesday, October 14th, 2015  In: Blog

Last week AbleOwl conducted 2 days of Excel training for SMEs in our boardroom. They do this a few times a year.

As  advisors to small and medium businesses, we continually embrace and encourage our clients to utilise new technology to improve business processes and productivity, helping to ensure  they maintain a competitive edge.  Our in depth experience in a range of financial and business tools, means our accountants are well placed to advise which business intelligence (BI) tools can  help improve your bottom line.

Whilst Microsoft Excel has been around for many years, it has been continually updated and remains a very practical tool,  used by millions of SMEs around the world to record business data and better understand the financial performance of their business.

More recently added elaborate Business Intelligence (BI) features  have the ability to gather data, perform complex financial modelling and advanced statistical analysis that can be understood at a glance and provide the information to help make better business decisions.

The calculating functions, graphing tools and pivot tables can be used across disciplines, assisting with budgeting, forecasting and report preparation whether you’re in accounting, finance, human resources, marketing, operations or administration.

Excel has a range of functions which can be really useful in business but a recent survey shows that most users only utilise the SUM function!  Find out more about Formulas and Functions and the role they can play in your business reporting by subscribing to Ableowl’s Free monthly Excel tips and tricks journal
Cableowllick here to sign up to AbleOwl’s Excel Tips and Tricks

Or attend one of their courses which range from mastering the fundamentals to specific topic courses to give you best practice solutions to solve common business problems.

Our accountants can advise you on record keeping  best practice and the business reporting that you should perform to ensure that you know how your business is tracking at any moment in time.

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