Radical Changes in Investing and Tax Breakfast Seminar

Investments have been going up since 2009 after the World Wide Recession.
Investment markets go in cycles of 9 to 10 years. That means another bust is coming.

  • What investments should you be getting out of?
  • Is it really time to buy?
  • What nasty things has the Tax Office got in store for you?

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Wednesday 7 February 2018, 7:30am to 9am
Peter Vickers Business Group – Suite 2 345 Pacific Highway Lindfield, NSW 2070
(Free ample parking across the road at Coles)

$50.00 or FREE to PVBG clients using code
Continental breakfast, tea, coffee & juices provided.

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Marketing – “The Great Unfair Advantage”

6 simple steps to make your marketing work harder

29 November 2017, 7am to 9am

Peter Vickers Business Group and The Marketing Clan are pleased to present to you an all new and not to be missed breakfast seminar & networking event.

Many small to medium size businesses have little time or resources to properly plan or implement effective marketing activities. Where do you start, what should you do and how do you afford it?

This seminar, presented by Jamie McAinsh and Terry Jones from The Marketing Clan, will provide proven insights into how you go about planning and implementing more strategic and effective marketing initiatives for your business, no matter what size or industry you operate in, as well as ideas and strategies to provide better ROI.

The seminar will delve into 6 simple steps, these being: 

  1. Understanding your position in your market
  2. Knowing your point of difference
  3. Creating a clear and unique brand identifier
  4. Motivating your target audience
  5. Overcoming that ‘its too good to be true’ moment
  6. Getting your customer and prospects to contact you

About the Marketing Clan
The Marketing Clan Pty. Ltd. is a nimble and cost-effective marketing consultancy based in the Shoalhaven and now on the North Shore. They develop and execute creative marketing ideas that give their clients a compelling competitive advantage, whether through differentiating their brands, message, sales or marketing tactics – all built upon sound and insight –driven strategies.

Secure your place now not to miss out – limited places available 

Venue: Our Offices, 345 Pacific Highway, Lindfield

Your Leadership can make or break a company

Understand the most common pitfalls of people in leadership and how they can be avoided.

Research shows there are reliable predictors of leadership behaviour and if leadership characteristics are not present, certain skills can be learned.

Operators of small businesses (SMEs) face many challenges and their owners are frequently “too busy” to think much about leadership. However, using a consistent and appropriate leadership style is critical to business success. Professor Gayle Avery from Macquarie Graduate School of Management, shares lessons learned from two decades of observing SMEs in Germany, Asia and Australia.

By carefully considering the employees, context and business environment leaders can choose the appropriate leadership practices for their business. Gayle explains how to do this, drawing on examples from her extensive knowledge of small business.

Date: Friday 20th October 2017

Time: 7.00am-8.30am

Venue: Pymble Golf Club

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Smashed avo or a first home?

photo credit: Old El Paso

For a generation told they could do anything… the financial reality says otherwise. Millennials are set to be the first generation of Australians to be worse off financially than their parents. – more detail here

Given the daunting prospects of home ownership, made harder by shifting and shrinking employment opportunities, the need for financial literacy amongst young Australians has never been greater. Yet in reality, financial literacy has been declining – more detail here

For a generation with an intuitive grasp of all things digital, understanding something as simple as the magic of compounding should be easy (it’s keeping them away from their phones that’s hard).

If you know or have any millennials in your house, encourage them to come to our seminar. They’ll hear how to save without meaning too, some simple and aaffordable ways to invest and a few other tips and examples. Matt, a millennial himself, has agreed to avail himself from his smashed avo and seventh coffee to communicate with his peers. (who knows, they’ll probably set up a whatsapp group or something…) Old people (> 30) are also welcome, but BYO glasses for the seminar.

When: 6pm for seminar and Q&A  6.15-7.15pm Tuesday 11th July

Venue: 345 Pacific Highway, Lindfield

Speaker: Millennial Matt Vickers, Snowgum Financial Services


Get Ready for Super Reforms, Effective 1 July

Superannuation reforms legislated at the end of 2016 are effective from 1 July.  Find out what they mean to you.  Opportunities exist until the 30th June.

Wednesday 10th May

12.30pm or 6pm

Make or Break Investment Trends in 2017

Renewable energy; bio-tech; artificial intelligence; sugar dependency.

What are the opportunities for investing in a low yield environment?

Presented by Matt Vickers, Snowgum Financial

Wednesday 22nd March

7.30am or 12.30pm

Seminars in 2016


Super Changes

Latest Super Changes: What do they mean?

The changes announced in Budget 2016 will be effective from 1 July 2017 if not already implemented. Some came into effect at 7.30pm on budget night.

To find out what the latest changes are, how they will affect you and what you should do, attend our seminar.

Presented by Peter Vickers: Peter has a wealth of experience advising individuals how to maximise their savings for retirement, using a range of tax planning and tax minimisation strategies, including the use of superannuation.  He and the team at Peter Vickers Business Group  provide superannuation advice and auditing and administration services to over one hundred Self-Managed Super Funds.

Peter is a registered SMSF auditor, a registered tax agent, a registered company auditor and is licensed to give investment advice.

Wednesday 28th September

Light refreshments at 6.00pm: Presentation 6.30-7.30pm

There will be time for Q&A after the presentation

How to Make Money out of Property

If you’re wondering where to find a return on your investment, and not sure if investing in property is the way to go, attend this seminar!  There are a range of financial issues that need to be considered such as the costs of investing and the income and profit potential.  Before you invest you need to understand:

  • Cash flow: maximising income and minimising expenses
  • One-off costs
  • Tax implications, deductibles and CGT
  • When to sell
  • Negative gearing

Wednesday 23 November

Light refreshments at 6.00pm: Presentation 6.30-7.30pm

Property:  is this the time to buy?

Post Brexit referendum, post Federal Election.  What is the future of negative gearing and will investing in property still carry tax benefits?  Are property investors influenced by global negative sentiment and will events overseas have a positive impact on house prices in Australia?

Find out where the  big opportunities will be in the new financial year and how you can take advantage of them. The presentation will be covering…

The major capitals – what’s happening across Australia • Relevant infrastructure projects and their impact • Emerging markets and property types for 2016 • New tools we’re using to help investors

Speaker: Josh Masters, Director of Buyside Buyer’s Agency.  Josh specialises in locating and securing investment properties for clients in both the Sydney and Brisbane markets. Josh has featured on Sky Business News and is the author of the property investment book “Why Property Why Now”.  He recently released a mobile app to help property investors compare growth rates for suburbs across Australia.

Thursday 28th July

Light refreshments at 6.00pm: Presentation 6.30pm – 7.30pm

There will be time for Q&A after the presentation.

Leveraging Hybrid Cloud for Small Business

The Cloud landscape has become an extremely complex environment over the last 8 years and one which many small businesses do not have the time to comprehend.  There are considerable benefits in productivity and efficiency for businesses who adopt Cloud services  – services which can’t be ignored if you wish to remain competitive in today’s environment where the  mobile workforce is the norm and the risks of cyber security prevalent.


  • In the beginning – virtualised servers, why they made such an impact
  • What is ‘cloud infrastructure’
  • What’s become possible, what’s improved
  • Public vs Private vs Hybrid for small business
  • What to consider first: Email, Files, Accounting, Active directory, CRM, Mobility
  • Support and service is still required

Attend this seminar to understand how to get the best of both worlds by using a combination of your existing IT combined with functions in the cloud.

Speaker:  Gavin Vermaas, Director, Rightserv Pty Ltd

Wednesday 29th June

Light Lunch at 12.30pm, Seminar 1.00pm – 2.00pm

The Secrets of a Successful Meeting

Whatever your profession or the scale of your business, meetings are unavoidable, whether they’re informal over a coffee or in a company boardroom; with colleagues, clients or people you’d like to do business with.

If your meetings are sometimes unproductive, learn how to organise and conduct a well-run meeting that sticks to time, is productive and achieves its goals.

Attend this seminar which delivers a unit from a management training course and transform the way you connect with your associates.

Speaker:  Meyer Mussry, Mangement Consultant,  Savant Corporation

Wednesday 25th May

Light lunch at 12.30.  Seminar 1-2pm

Think Differently About the Way You Manage Your Investments Using Exchange Traded Products.

Ian Irvine from the Australian Securities Exchange, together with Matt Vickers from Snowgum Financial, will present and lead the discussion on “The Expanding Landscape of Exchange Traded Products, why you need to know about these investment structures and how they could support your investment strategy”.

The session will discuss:

  • The Changing needs of investors
  • Investment concepts to address these changing needs
  • Iinvestment management options of the past
  • An introduction to modern investment structures including Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs),  Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) , Unlisted Managed Funds (mFunds), Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) and Individually Managed Accounts (IMAs)
  • Ideas around investment manager selection


Ian Irvine, Head of Customer and Business Development, ASX Limited

Matt Vickers, Principal Adviser, Snowgum Financial Services

The presentations will conclude with a panel session and the opportunity to delve deeper into areas of particular interest.

Tuesday 15th March

Light refreshments at 5.45pm Seminar 6.15-7.30pm

Well-being for Women

The pace of life today leaves many woman feeling lost in a haze, that  life has become a whirlwind and they rely on caffeine and sugar to get them through the day.


  • What True Wellbeing is and learn how  to achieve it
  • The impact of declining health globally
  • How to implement small changes to make a difference to your emotional and physical wellbeing
  • How to listen to what your body needs which may be different to your colleague sitting next to you

This presentation and discussion opportunity supports the understanding of how lifestyle choices are key to our state of health and sense of well-being and how, by making simple shifts in our day-to-day life, including the way we care for and nurture ourselves,  has a powerful and lasting impact on ourselves, our relationships and all around us.

Presenter:  Katie Walls, Gentle Rhythms

How the moving body can cope in a sedentary fixed environment: 

Our environment has changed significantly but our bodies haven’t.  The growth in sedentary time, when there is muscular inactivity has a massive impact on our health and society as a whole.

Take away tips to avoid “Sitting Disease.”

Kerry Weston, Physiofit Lindfield will outline the dangers  of a sedentary life and introduce strategies and actions to help you cope with sitting at work.

Wednesday 23rd March

12.30 light lunch,  Presentations 1-2pm

Seminars in 2015

Save Money by Collaborating

The Collaborative Economy: connecting with others to use your collaborative strength to get a better deal.

The market place for goods and services is complex but with the right insights you can work out how to save money.  Businesses, by joining together, become part of a much larger negotiation when arranging the supply of goods and services.

Mike Wilson, Joint CEO, Supply Clusters and colleagues, will review the system which increases the bargaining power of businesses enabling you to “buy wholesale rather than retail”.

At Peter Vickers Business Group, “Helping our clients to increase their wealth” is part of our mission statement which we do using a range of financial services.   We advise companies how to make their business more profitable;  Supply Clusters provides  an opportunity to reduce your costs and increase your wealth.

Join us for this seminar to learn more about how Supply Clusters can help your business to get the best possible rates and services for:

    • Office Supplies, Stationery, Kitchen Supplies & Cleaning Products
    • Foreign Exchange payments & services, managing risks
    • Document Management Services, Secure Destruction and  Digital Data Protection Services
    • Telecommunication Strategies, Business Connectivity Equipment & Services
    • IT Products & Services, specifically cloud technologies
    • Freight Services & freight aggregation
    • Fuel & fleet management
    • Vehicle Leasing, novated leases, non-managed leases
    • Travel: Flights + Vehicle Hire + Accommodation

Wednesday 5th August
Light Lunch at 12.30pm: Seminar 1-2pm

Economic and Market Update

Presented by: Stephen Halmarick, Head of Economic and Market Research, Colonial First State Global Asset Management

Stephen Halmarick works closely with the investment management teams at CFSGAM to ensure a broad understanding of macroeconomic factors which impact markets. He will provide insights on the state of the economy, the impact of various global issues on Australian markets, investment trends and asset allocation considerations for the year ahead.

Stephen and his team produce both Economic Research notes and Thought Pieces, designed to inform and guide clients on the key issues impacting the global and Australian economy and financial markets. They also author the Travelling Economist series, providing clients with insights and feedback on developments in key economies around the world, including the US, Europe, China, India, Japan and New Zealand to date.

Stephen is widely quoted in the press, including the Australian Financial Review, Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian. He also regularly appears on both ABC TV and Sky Business. Stephen is also Chairman of the Australian Business Economists (ABE) and has been for the past 6 years.

Thursday 28th May 2015
Light Refreshments at 5.30pm:  presentation 6-7pm

Cloud Accounting with Xero

Your numbers belong in the cloud starting with Xero!

Presented by the Xero Team:

Why attend this seminar?
To understand:

  • accounting in the cloud
  • the advantages of Xero
  • how the team at Peter Vickers Business Group can help you get started with Xero, and make the most of the features which will simplify the way you run your business.

Wednesday 17th June 2015
2 session times available:
Session 1: light lunch at 12.30pm with presentation 1-2pm or
Session 2: light refreshments at 5.30pm with presentation 6-7pm

Seminars in 2014

  • Thurs, July 24

    8:00am – 9:00am

    Light Breakfast from 7:30am


    1:00pm – 2:00pm


    from 12:30pm

    Tax and Accounting issues for the New Financial YearRecent budget changes affect not only health and higher education but also personal, business and retirement finances.How will these changes impact you? The new rules for age pension and retirement and the deficit levy on higher incomes, highlight the need to take control of your financial future. Attend our seminar to understand what the changes mean to you and your business and learn about strategies to minimize the tax you pay and maximise your profits. Presented by Cathy Stockwell, CA BCom, Dip FP RSVP to or call Kylie on 02 9496 2300
  • Tue, May 6

    6:00pm – 7:00pm

    Refreshments from 5:30pm

    Wed, May 7

    8:00am – 9:00am

    Light Breakfast from 7:30am

    How to Handle the Finances of Ageing Parents?

    Mum and Dad are still living in their home but now need carers to assist them in their day to day lives.

    One of the jobs you can’t get the carers to do is help manage the money and investments. At our seminar we will show you some ways that this can be done even, if the parents do not like to hand over control to their children, the children are overseas, there is sibling rivalry which started when they were 5 years old, or the children are just too busy with their families or there are no children available. Peter Vickers & Associates have developed a unique system to take this stress away from the family but still keep everything transparent and readily accessible. Come and hear about the mess that some families have got themselves into and how we can help the family enjoy their time together.

  • Wed, March 26

    1:00pm – 2:00pm

    Refreshments from 12:30pm


    6:00pm – 7:00pm

    Refreshments from 5:30pm

    Cyber Fraud, Malware, Big Data and Hacking – are all familiar terms in the digital landscape.The amendments to Australia’s Privacy Act can now be enforced.What does this mean to you and your business?If you’re like 50% of organisations in Australia who do not even know about the legislative changes (The Australian, January 2014) Please join us at our seminar to understand the issues surrounding Internet Security; learn strategies to overcome the risks of operating in the cloud and what the amendments to the Privacy Act mean to you and your business. Presented by James d’Apice, Fox & Staniland Lawyers
  • TBA
    Excel Tips and TricksIf you would like to be advised of the date for this seminar please click here to use the sign up form on the right hand side of this page!

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