Landlord Insurance

Meet one of the Leading Landlord Insurance Experts in Australia

Peter Vickers Insurance Brokers will help you to protect your property investment. Utilise the best industry expertise for all kinds of issues and matters related to landlords insurance. From assessing the risks of your property investment to negotiations with the insurance company, we have expertise in the areas that can prove critical to maximimising the returns from your property and assets.

We command an extensive understanding of insurance provisions in the lease of property or premises owned by our clients. We can help you understand the different tiers of coverage as well as the extent of protection your policy offers. With proper and in-depth understanding of these aspects, we help our clients make the best decision at the right time.

The landlord insurance advisors at Peter Vickers Insurance Brokers can help you with insurance issues in various scenarios including:

  • Cover for rent default
  • Severe property damage from fire, storms, glass breakagae or vandalism
  • Theft by tenant

We have served a multitude of clients, enabling us to develop indepth knowledge of landlords insurance if you would like your commercial or investment property matters to be handled by an expert, contact us today.

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James Cameron's dive to the deepest point on earth - we insured the construction and deployment of the submarine Deep Challenger.

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