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In depth knowledge of Public Liability Insurance

When it comes to liability insurance, many people live under the misconception that they are completely covered by their everyday insurance policy. However this is rarely the case. Our liability insurance protects individuals and business from risks involved in their day-to-day operations in dealing withemployees, customers, suppliers and the general public.

At Peter Vickers Insurance Brokers, we have extensive experience and understanding of all types of liability insurance and issues which may arise resulting in a claim against your company for incidents of personal injury or property damage. Our aim is to create tailored policies that cover your businesses against the legal liability for these unintended and unexpected events from which extensive legal and court costs can arise.

We work with small businesses to ensure that they are protected against claims which can arise following property damage or personal injury, as being held accountable for these claims from third parties, can have a disastrous impact on both the finances and reputation of a business which does not have liability insurance..

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James Cameron's dive to the deepest point on earth - we insured the construction and deployment of the submarine Deep Challenger.

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