Peter Vickers Business Group offers a comprehensive package of superannuation services not only in Sydney but for clients throughout Australia.. You can rely on the expertise of our highly qualified professionals for administration and management of your Self Managed Super Fund and sound superannuation advice to ensure you have the money to live the lifestyle you’d like during your retirement.

Self managed and other superannuation funds

If you’re interested in a self-managed super fund, we can help you devise the most appropriate strategy, dependent on your individual requirements. Discuss these with someone who can manage the statutory requirements of self-managed funds, who has access to a range of other available superannuation funds and also considers how tax implications will be of benefit to you.
We can arrange the set up of the fund, prepare the annual financial statement and tax return and audit the fund.

The Lindfield Superannuation Fund

The Lindfield Superannuation Fund was established in December 2006 as an alternative to the larger superannuation funds available – where members are often an anonymous number.
The fund is administered by Grosvenor Pirie Management Ltd, the trustee is The Trust Company (Superannuation) Limited and Peter Vickers Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd is the sub-promoter of Lindfield Superannuation Fund.
With the average life expectancy continuing to increase and the Federal government encouraging the population to increase their super balances, the Fund is designed to provide a simple and affordable way for you to save for your retirement.Talk to us today about planning a financial future beyond your working life. Contact Heather Leung on 02 9496 2300 or access more information below.

Lindfield Super Fund Investment Report 31July17

Lindfield Superannuation Fund Annual Fund Information Statement for year ended 30 June 2016

Lindfield-Superannuation Fund Individual-Application-15102014

Lindfield Super Fund Product Disclosure Statement 15 11 2015

Lindfield Super Fund Additional Information Booklet 2015

Lindfield Superannuation Fund- Adviser & Dealer Registration

Lindfield Superannuation Fund- Adviser Authority Form

Lindfield Superannuation Fund – Binding Death Benefit

Lindfield Superannuation Fund – Change of Details Form

Lindfield Superannuation Fund – Rollover Form

Lindfield Superannuation Fund – Withdrawal Form

Lindfield Superannuation Fund – Personal Contribution Form

Lindfield Superannuation Fund – Permanent Incapacity application

Lindfield Superannuation Fund – General Compliance Certificate

Lindfield Superannuation Fund – Financial Hardship Application

Lindfield Superannuation Fund – Application Form

Lindfield Superannuation Fund – Contribution Splitting Form

Lindfield Superannuation Fund – Non-Binding Death Benefit

Discuss your financial goals

Talk to us today about planning a financial future beyond your working life.
Contact Heather Leung on 02 9496 2300 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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