You Need To Make A Profit!

Posted On: Thursday, October 1st, 2015  In: Blog

I do not want to pay tax, so I will not make a profit. This is a common misconception of people that have poor cash flow and do not understand correctly their finances.

The top tax rate is 49%. Thus you get to keep the other 51%.  Work backwards and ensure that the 51% left over is the amount that you need for your living expenses, your loan repayments and your savings.

Currently the government  regulator, the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority, APRA, is putting pressure on the banks to reduce their lending. The banks thus need to choose to whom they will lend. Guess who they are going to lend to? To the borrowers that are the safest. And who are they? Those that make the largest profit.

We are already seeing the banks rejecting requests for loans from borrowers who do not make enough profit.

Also it is much more fun making a lot of profit and paying a lot of tax. Think of the new shoes and handbags that you can buy or the skiing holidays that you could take form the remaining 51%

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