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Environmental Pollution Liability Insurance

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What is it? And who should have it?

Environmental Pollution Liability Insurance also known as environmental risk insurance, environmental liability insurance, pollution liability insurance and environmental impairment liability insurance – depending on your insurer the name and what your policy covers could vary.

Basically environmental protection/pollution liability insurance provides businesses with financial protection i.e. loss or damages, against being held liable for unexpected releases of pollutants or events that could harm the environment.

This can cover you for risks arising from your past or current operations, or for instances where you are legally liable. It can include claims for clean-up, bodily injury and property damage arising from pollution.

Who should have it?

Any business that uses or stores chemicals or hazardous materials that could damage the environment or affect another’s property, as well as those who are involved in earthmoving, landfills, mining and the like.

Important to know! Standard business liability insurance often excludes loss or damages caused by pollution. If it is covered it can be limited to third party claims for off-site damage to property and bodily harm.

What can be covered in your policy?

  • Cover for sudden, accidental and gradual pollution
  • Clean up/remediation costs
  • Onsite clean up and compliance costs
  • Natural resources damage
  • Emergency costs
  • Third party bodily injury or property damage and liability cover for third parties
  • Cover for legal defence

Policies vary from insurer to insurer best practice is to review your risk and find a policy that provides appropriate cover. Not sure what cover you need talk to your broker and go through a risk assessment to get the right insurance for your business needs.

Summary of Environmental Pollution liability Cover

Type of insuranceGeneral LiabilityEnvironmental Liability
Nature of IncidentSudden and accidental pollution off-site

General liability plus

  • Gradual pollution off-site or on-site
  • Sudden and accidental pollution on-site
Nature of liabilitiesThird Party

General liability plus

  • Public law statutory law (including natural resource damage)
Typical coverage

Bodily injury Property Damage Compensatory Claim

General liability plus

  • Emergency
  • Investigation and monitoring
  • Clean-up
  • Habitat restoration
AwardFinancial Settlement

General liability plus

  • Physical actions the insured takes in order to comply with environmental law

Note: Table reference; epa.nsw.gov.au

Disclaimer: this advice is general and not to be relied upon to discuss your individual or business circumstances please get in contact with one of our brokers.

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