Share and Property Markets

For the last few years we had both markets going up steadily. The share market started to climb from about March 2009 and the property market was flat from 2003 to about 2013.

The Global Financial Crisis saw many investors retreat to cash deposits with banks and thus missed out on the past spectacular gains. There is no longer a short term horizon for investing. The only exception is if you are saving for a deposit for a home or have some well defined short term goal.

Even if you are 100 years old your investments are still long term. May be not for you but certainly for your children and grandchildren. Thus you must not be emotively affected by day to day movements in markets. More correctly one should ignore year to year movements.

Thus if you want to have an investment in property then do not let the current decline stop you. The same with shares. You need to just purchase with care.

Peter Vickers Business Group have a team that is fully licensed to give you personal advice on all aspects of investing. Please contact us at or 9496 2300 to further this discussion.


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