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Trust Fund Examiners

By Peter Vickers Business Group | Accounting, trust fund, trust account audit, Trust account records, trust fund examiners, News Highlights, finance |

Do you require a Trust Audit? At Peter Vickers Business Group, we provide feedback to ensure your trust accounts remain compliant and are managed appropriately. We have 2 Qualified Examiners for NSW and VIC Solicitor Trust Accounts, Peter Vickers and Marc Lieu, who assist Law Practices with …

The Rules have changed for SMSF

By Peter Vickers Business Group | superannuation, Investment, financial advice, finance |

The rules have changed for SMSF, here’s what you need to know.

Financial Management for Elderly Parents

By Peter Vickers Business Group | Accounting, Managing Finances for Elderly Parents, finance |

The need to take over your parent’s financial life, especially if it happens suddenly, can be extremely stressful. However, if you approach it one step at a time, the process can be simplified. Even if you’re not at this point with your parents yet, we can help you decide what to do now …


Tulip Mania and Cryptocurrencies - Peter Vickers Business Group

finance | 12 Dec 2017 |

This “was a period in the Dutch Golden Age during which contract prices for some bulbs of the recently introduced and fashionable tulip reached extraordinarily high levels and then dramatically collapsed in February 1637.


Real life stories: lessons learned - Peter Vickers Business Group

finance | 17 Mar 2017 |

Novelists write the best books from real life stories. The same applies to financial decision making. We will never identify clients and we change the details to maintain confidentiality.


Retirement – what happens next? - Peter Vickers Business Group

retirement, managing finances for retirement, finance | 11 Oct 2016 |

There has been a lot written about how one goes about saving and how one then invests savings. The topic of tax comes up and then this leads to superannuation and how one uses super to save tax. A lot of this is driven by investment advisors who like to produce financial plans and charge ad…


Make Saving a Habit for Your Children - Peter Vickers Business Group

finance | 8 Sep 2016 |

It’s never too soon to start saving and in many cases even if you double your deposits at a later date you may never catch up to people who start saving earlier.  An understanding of compound interest can encourage young people to start saving now!  But good saving and spending habits do…


What is negative gearing and why was it talked about pre-election? - Peter Vickers Business Group

negative gearing, finance | 5 Jul 2016 |

The elections are over but negative gearing will remain a useful investment tactic especially for smaller investors that have few options for increasing their wealth. They mainly invest in rental home units.


Death and Taxes: wills and superannuation - Peter Vickers Business Group

death and taxes, wills, superannuation, finance | 8 Jun 2016 |

As the saying goes both are inevitable. We talk a lot about taxes in this newsletter and even show ways not to make them inevitable. However we are not that clever with death. We also like to maintain our client base so discourage our clients from dying. But lets look at some stories from th…


Investment and Property Cycles - Peter Vickers Business Group

investment advice, property cycles, finance | 30 Mar 2016 |

There is a saying that what goes up must come down. The corollary is what comes down must go up.  This is what cycles are about and there are cycles in investing. The main problem is that we have very short memories. 


Cut through the information overload - Peter Vickers Business Group

retirement, financial planning, aged care, finance | 30 Sep 2015 |

When retirement is on the horizon it’s quite common for people to start taking a more active interest in their savings, partly triggered by the fear that they will not have enough to maintain the lifestyle they currently enjoy.


Where is the Investment Cycle? - Peter Vickers Business Group

investment cycles, financial advice, finance | 15 Apr 2015 |

We currently have low interest rates, a dollar that has fallen from a high against the USD that we have not seen for 40 years, low inflation and this has caused both the share market and the property market to go up rapidly.


4 stages to managing your finances in retirement - Peter Vickers Business Group

managing finances for retirement, managing finances, finance | 7 Nov 2014 |

When most people reach retirement age, they’re still relatively fit and agile and quite capable of  managing  their own finances.


Keeping Up With Australia’s Longevity: Are You Financially Prepared? - Peter Vickers Business Group

financial advice as you age, financial advice longevity, finance | 11 Sep 2014 |

For some time now, government subsidiaries such as the Australian Bureau of Statistics and The Productivity Commission have been releasing a stream of studies on “life expectancy”.


Managing the Finances of Ageing Parents - Peter Vickers Business Group

aging parents finances, financial counselling, financial advice, finance | 20 May 2014 |

our ageing parents may still be enjoying their retirement in their own home but there will come a time when they need carers to assist them in their day to day lives. Whilst a carer can help them remain in their own home, the carer can’t help them to manage their finances and someone needs…



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