3 quick fire reasons your businesses needs separate cyber insurance

By Olivia Fairfield | business, small business, Insurance, Cyber Security |

For the first time ever Cyber insurance has topped the global risks for SME’s in in Allianz’s Risk Barometer 2020. Here a 3 top reasons why it might be worth considering purchasing a cyber-policy.

Cyber Insurance: Fad or Fact?

By Peter Vickers Insurance Brokers | Cyber Security, Insurance |

We examine why small businesses need cyber insurance, and what a typical cyber policy covers.

The top 5 reasons SMEs should be considering cyber insurance

By Peter Vickers Insurance Brokers | Cyber Security, Insurance |

With over 60% of Australian small and medium business experiencing a cyber attack in the last year, we explain the reasons why cyber insurance is crucial for your business.

Lessons SMEs can learn from the Sydney hailstorms and other extreme weather events

By Peter Vickers Insurance Brokers | small business, Insurance |

We outlined what business owners can learn from the aftermath of the recent extreme weather events and how you can better protect your business moving forward.

Case Study: When Fire Strikes, Could Your Business Survive?

By Peter Vickers Insurance Brokers | business, small business, Insurance |

Business interruption insurance remains one of the most misunderstood areas of insurance for business owners. We discuss a real-life scenario where business interruption insurance was essential to save a small business in New South Wales.

NSW declared a state of emergency as bushfires tear through the state

By Peter Vickers Insurance Brokers | business, small business, Insurance |

Catastrophic fire conditions have been announced through NSW today and many of Peter Vickers Business Group clients have been affected and even evacuated already. We want to extend our support to all our clients; here is how to protect your property and some useful links to help you stay safe.

How to protect your business in the event of a fire

By Peter Vickers Insurance Brokers | business, small business, Insurance |

Many Australian businesses are unprepared for the devastating impact and financial losses that can occur after a fire. This article explains how to ensure you are adequately prepared for a fire and keep your business maintained to be fire safe.

Motor Fleet Insurance 101

By Peter Vickers Insurance Brokers | Fleet, Insurance |

Fleet cover can often be overlooked by SMEs - in this article we explain what a policy can cover and the benefits of purchasing commercial fleet insurance.


Business Interruption - Peter Vickers Business Group

General, Insurance | 25 Mar 2018 |

Business interruption insurance greatly improves your ability to recover and assists in the post-loss recovery process of a catastrophic or unplanned event – whether naturally caused or human caused e.g. an act of terrorism.


Roof Collapse at 345 Pacific Highway, Lindfield - Peter Vickers Business Group

General, Insurance | 24 Mar 2018 |

On Friday 19 January 2018 at approximately 7:30pm the roof of our office building in Lindfield partially collapsed. Fortunately no one was injured.


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