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Peter Vickers Business Group performs audits ing and external examinations of lawyers’ trust accounts. . We provide advice to ensure your trust accounts remain compliant and are managed appropriately.

New South Wales Lawyers Trust Account Audits 2016

Peter Vickers BSc BEc FCA Registered External Examiner
The NSW Legal Practice Trust Statement and External Examination period commences 31 March each year. Law practices that have received or held Trust Money (excluding transit money) are required to have practice Trust Money records externally examined annually pursuant to the Legal Profession Act 2004 and the Legal Profession Regulation 2005.
Peter Vickers is a registered company auditor (ASIC no 1151) and External Examiner for The Law Society of NSW (no 905) who assists Law Practices with their compliance issues, by conducting a proper examination of their recording of receipts and disbursements of Trust Money, providing a full audit of the Lawyer’s Trust Account. Peter has been performing Trust Account Audits for over 30 years.
External Examiner’s Reports are to be completed and lodged with the Trust Accounts Department of The Law Society of NSW no later than 31 May, to allow time for processing and the satisfaction of any queries that may arise before the year end.
Please call and speak to Peter on 02 9496 2300 if you would like to discuss the process or email him at
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If you currently do not have a trust account you can also discuss with Peter the financial reasons for having one and how to operate it without the stress that comes with it.
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