Insurance to Fit Any Size Business

Peter Vickers Insurance Brokers present a range of business insurance options with the freedom to customise them according to your needs - better protection for all Australian businesses.

At Peter Vickers Insurance Brokers we’re experienced in insuring businesses of all sizes. It doesn’t matter how small or how large, we pride ourselves in providing a personal service and achieving professional results.

We make sure that you’re fully covered and protected by your business insurance policy, and most importantly, we make sure that you choose a policy that covers your specific insurance needs and requirements. All or some sections can be selected to tailor the policy to the your business requirements. 

The sections include fire, business interruption, accidental damage, public/products liability, burglary, money, glass, general property to cover goods away from the premises, engineering plant, electronic equipment and employee fraud. Some policies also include tax audit insurance.

The terms and conditions attached to business insurance can affect the value and protection you’ll receive if you have to make a claim. Because we understand the varying nature of business insurance needs, we provide specialised insurance consultancy and related services including insurance for cafes, commercial properties, restaurants, food takeaway businesses and many more.

Due to the high level of potential liability, we help to choose the right policy for a large number of businesses in service industries such as hospitality, retail, medical and many others.With our expert guidance providing the peace of mind you need, you can focus on growing your business instead of worrying about the what-if’s. If you have a business anywhere in Australia, let us offer you our expertise to ensure long-term success and the ability to overcome unforeseen challenges and circumstances.

Download the Business Insurance at a Glance brochure here.

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