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Tradesman’s Insurance Policy-
Peter Vickers Insurance Brokers

No matter what your trade, be it a Plumber, Electrician, Carpenter, Handyman, Tiler, Boilermaker, Bricklayer or Painter you need Tradesman’s Insurance. At Peter Vickers Insurance Brokers, we have the expertise in getting the right cover at the right price, tailored to you.

We can create an Customised Tradesman Insurance package that suits your Business needs.

Having the right tools of the trade is not enough, you need the right mix of Insurance and that's where Peter Vickers Insurance Brokers can help you. We can Customise a Tradesman Insurance Package to suit your work requirements. Often Tradesmen can risk being Underinsured due to not obtaining the correct cover such as Public Liability Insurance

If you are a tradesman – either as a solo entity or if you hire employees – there are a variety of Insurance Policies you will need to ensure you are covered on site. Rather than having to source the different policies alone, we can create a Tradesman Insurance package that suits your individual needs and ensures you are adequately protected.

Some of the policies that can benefit a tradesperson can include:

  • Tools of the trade: covers you for all your portable tools and professional equipment. You can also extend your cover to include tools and/or professional equipment worldwide, theft in the open air, theft without forcible entry, and accidental damage resulting from a vehicle accident.
  • Personal Accident and Sickness: this covers your income should you become sick or have an accident
  • Tax Audit Insurance is also popular covering you for audit expenses incurred in having to engage an Accountant or registered Tax Agent where you are the subject of an audit by the Australian Tax Office

Tradespeople are generally not allowed on work sites without the necessary certificates that prove they have Public Liability Insurance and some form of wage protection such as Personal Accident and Sickness InsuranceThese are the most sought after covers for Tradespeople due to the inherent risks associated with worksites

Talk to our Team about the right Insurance for you.

We ask the right questions, to get you the right mix of insurance to suit you and your Business.



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