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For Business Insurance - Tailored to Protect You

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No two businesses are the same and as a result, business insurance needs to be tailored to suit each unique business and its specific needs.
Peter Vickers Insurance Brokers is a leading insurance broking firm that can assist your business with all areas of individual and asset protection. With the freedom to customise each policy according to your needs and a team of highly trained professionals, we guarantee our business insurance is the ideal choice for you.

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Are You Under-insured? Basic Cover Often Isn't Enough.

Ensure that you are adequately insured and also that you are taking action on Government packages available to you.  

Buying cover direct may seem like the quickest and cheapest option available but often basic insurance cover doesn't adequately protect your business, something you find out when its all too late. We will get to know your company and understand your insurance needs so we can make sure you business is comprehensively protected. We can work with you to take action quickly during the current crisis

Over 20 Years of Insurance Expertise

We have been helping businesses across Australia obtain insurance for over 20 years. We provide you with expert knowledge, service and advice so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your business is correctly covered for any incidents that may occur.

We provide the following types of Business Insurance: 

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