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Are you Setting Up Your Business In Australia?

At Peter Vickers Business Group our experts can help you.

Australia’s location in the Asia Pacific region makes us uniquely positioned to provide a wider range of business opportunities. Add to this the current climate of entrepreneurial fervour, and it is easy to understand why so many people are choosing to set up companies and businesses to pursue the ultimate dream of being your own boss.

There are several steps involved in the process of setting up your own business or company:

  • Choose your business type and structure
  • Obtain an Australian ABN, TFN, registration for PAYG, GST & FBT
  • Complete any necessary registrations: business name/ trademark/ website/ taxes/ license
  • Purchase or rent your business premises
  • Take out appropriate insurance cover
  • Open a bank account

These tasks are just the beginning, as you then need to set up your accounting procedures so that you can operate your company or business to standard.

Understanding Australian Business Accounting Standards

The Australian Accounting Standards Board (AASB) has implemented set reporting standards that every business, company and organisation is required to follow. Setting up your company accounting procedures without professional assistance means there is every chance you may get something wrong and these errors at the beginning have the potential to derail your entire enterprise down the track.

The team at Peter Vickers Business Group has extensive experience in setting up companies and businesses. We have assisted countless entrepreneurs to establish the accounting system that works best for them, so that they can set themselves up for success.  We know exactly what is required and can sit down with you to work through your options. Furthermore, we will help you to understand how these systems operate so that you remain in the driver’s seat.

We assist you with

  • Setting up a clear and efficient records keeping system using computer software
  • Making sure you understand the laws and legal requirements governing your business type
  • Assisting you with your tax reporting responsibilities
  • Advising you on insurance
  • Setting up and maintaining payroll systems
  • Obtaining finance

Payroll Support

Australia has unique employment laws and you must not use employment contracts designed for other countries. Our pay awards systems and condition of employment are unique and we will explain the complex technicalities. We will calculate your payroll and upload to your bank for payment. We will also communicate with the ATO electronically and keep all pay records that are required.

There is so much to understand and do when you start your own company or business. Find out how we can take away the hassle so that your time can be spent building a vision for your success.

Call us today to make an appointment for a consultation about your business or company set up and consult with on of our experts at Peter Vickers Business Group.

Advice provided by Peter Vickers and Associates Pty Ltd Chartered Accountants Liability Limited by a Scheme under the Professional Standards Legislation ABN 60003466813. Authorised representative of Peter Vickers Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd trading as Peter Vickers Investment Services Australian Credit Licence and Australian Financial Services Licence Number 229302

Need Help Setting Up a Business In Australia?



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