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Motor Fleet Insurance 101

By Peter Vickers Insurance Brokers | Fleet, Insurance |

Motor fleet insurance is often perceived as cover needed only by transport specific companies such as those in the trucking industry, but if your business uses a range of vehicles – such as to transport and deliver your products then motor fleet insurance is a certainly a policy you should consider purchasing.

As this cover can often be overlooked by small to medium businesses (SMEs), we have outlined a brief guide to help you understand what a policy can cover and the benefits of it can bring to your business.

Cost savings and efficiency

The greatest benefit motor fleet cover provides is the cost saving. The cost of buying insurance for each of your individual vehicles can quickly stack up and would not make sense financially. On a motor fleet insurance policy the premium costs for each vehicle are distributed across all insured vehicles.

By putting everything ‘under one roof’ you’ll be buying insurance ‘in bulk’ and you could receive a discount for any extra vehicles you need to insure. Motor Fleet insurers will generally have an automatic additions benefit which would automatically cover you for new vehicle purchases or vehicle changeovers.

Greater flexibility but with a streamlined process

If you utilise a variety of motor vehicles across your business, motor fleet insurance can cover multiple types of vehicles: cars, vans, trailers and even caravans. What’s more, under the policy you can insure all your drivers, so if your staff share vehicles and cover a range of shifts, motor fleet insurance allows the business to run smoothly and be fully insured in the process.

Insurance for heavy road vehicles such as large trucks takes an experienced insurer to determine the level of cover you need. That’s why finding the right level of cover alone can be harder as it can be complicated to find individual insurance policies for each vehicle. A broker can do the hard work for you and ensure you have the best policy to accommodate and protect the whole fleet.

Risk management for motor fleet insurance policies

As part of our motor fleet insurance service we can provide risk management and accident assist services through the insurers we securely cover you with. Helping you to manage vehicle risks more proactively and moving towards a culture to reduce the number of accidents resulting in a saving on downtime and increased premium costs.

Removes the admin and enables you to focus on growing your business

A motor fleet insurance policy only needs to be renewed once year, as it is one policy covering the entire fleet. With one renewal date, you’ll be able to save on admin rather than having to manage each vehicle individually which enables you time to focus on other priorities within the business.

As Peter Vickers Insurance Brokers is part of the Steadfast network, we have access to over 160 insurers which allow us to create a tailor-made solution for you. We work to obtain the highest level of cover at competitive pricing. This is more beneficial to you where you may be limited to one insurer and subject to the products and fees that they charge. We select expert companies to craft a specialised solution for you unique business, enabling your company to be protected in its growth.

If you’d like more information on how motor fleet insurance could benefit your business please contact one of our broking experts using the button below.

Please note that Peter Vickers Insurance Brokers does not provide one-off commercial motor vehicle insurance unless it is packaged with other Business or Commercial covers.



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