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Kuringgai Chase Fun Run and Barry Easy Walk 2018 Spotlight on Sponsors – Peter Vickers Business Group

General, sponsorhsip, peter vickers business group | 28 Feb 2018 |

How did this partnership start?

We first learned about The Kuringgai Chase towards the end of 2014 when we were approached as a local business via LinkedIn. We decided to get involved for several reasons. Firstly we wanted to support this great initiative which enriches the lives of locals living with intellectual disabilities (work that has helped a group of our own clients). As well as the event’s promotion of sport and community, both of which we believe are very important and something we care about. Not only that but also the passion and professionalism of the organising committee led by Greg Simmons, these events have been a huge success in the past so it’s an honour to get involved as a sponsor.

Why is sport so important?

Sport is such an integral part of life in Australia. It’s something we should all be doing, every day.  Even just 30 minutes of walking a day has such a positive effect on our health and well-being — we’re pleased to be a part of an event that encourages people to be more active while supporting a great cause.

What did your team enjoy about last year’s event?

The main attraction is a day out with colleagues, friends and family, doing something that’s good for us while supporting a fantastic initiative. It is also very inspiring seeing the SOSUNS Athletes teaming up with students from Knox and seeing them support and encouraging each other while simply having a great time. The sense of achievement felt by the athletes at the finish line was clear to see and, whilst not everyone took home a medal, the sense of being part of a community on the day was the real prize for us all.

What is your hope for the 2018 event?

We hope to see an even bigger event, that even more people from the local community will take part and support the Special Olympians.

Your message to SOSUNS Athletes?

Congratulations on your participation and determination whether you are completing the 5km or 10km, just do your best! We wish you a fun and enjoyable day and look forward to taking part in the event with you!

What does your team love about the Ku-ring-gai community?

We love Ku-ring-gai because it includes people from all walks of life, nationalities and beliefs and, in keeping with the community, we have an international team with staff from 10 countries and an amazing range of beliefs meaning there is never a dull moment in our office.

What does your organisation do for the community?

With a track record spanning 39 years, we are well-known within the community for professional accounting, business advisory, superannuation and insurance services. We also offer service packages for older Australians and those with special needs, helping families and carers. We help businesses, families and individuals to secure a healthy financial future.



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