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Insurance | 1 Jun 2017 |

ALARMS – Burglars tend to avoid homes with security systems. Use window stickers and make sure that these are visible from every approach to your home, not just the front entrance and experienced burglars know the difference between a fake alarm and a real one.

DEADLOCKS  Fit keyed locks to your windows and double key deadlock to doors. This means thieves have to enter and leave the same way making it hard for them to take big items such as TVs or desktop computers. Sliding doors should have bolts and tough screens to prevent slashing.

CLOSE WINDOWS & DOORS   – The most common way for burglars to enter a home is through an open window or door so make it a habit to lock doors and windows as it can take only seconds for a thief to run in and grab something of value while you are out or in another part of the house.

SECURE GATES & FENCES -Gates and side fences can be easy opportunities for burglars to scale. Make it harder for them by locking gates and building them extra high for added difficulty.  If a side fence or gate is in poor repair replace it with something sturdier so that it can’t be knocked down.

DON’T HIDE KEYS – Don’t hide your keys. We all know about the spare key under the fake rock, under the mat, in the meter box or the key buried in the pot plant right next plant next to the door.  Burglars know about these hiding places so don’t do it, it’s not worth the risk.

TRAVEL & HOLIDAYS    When you are away, your home is a prime unoccupied target for thieves. Therefore, try to make it look like you are home. Use timers on your lighting and get a neighbour or family member to collect your mail and take out your bins and put them away again. Don’t spread the news on social media that you are away and resist the temptation to post photographs until you are back home.

SENSOR LIGHTS  Sensor lights are a great and inexpensive preventative
measure. Put them around corners and at the front and back of your home where thieves might think they can slip through.  Also, trim large trees and hedges away from windows or entry points as these can be used as camouflage.

PREVENT & PREPARE – Preventing burglaries is the key to securing your home. However, it is important to prepare for the worst case scenario. Engrave electrical items, keep valuables in a hidden safe, keep your cash in a bank and ensure you have a comprehensive insurance policy in case you can’t stop the thieves.

SAFE HOME HEATING – Last winter we published our view, opinions and tips for effective safe heating. If you would like a copy of that article just email us at enquiries@pvib.com.au



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